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Law Firms have long seen the direct impact traditional media can have on their public visibility and presence. A holistic media strategy that blends both digital and traditional tactics is optimal to tackle your law firm’s lead generation needs.

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Law Firm Traditional Media Services

Our team specializes in cultivating a custom media formula for your law firm, striving to ensure it’s consistently re-evaluated and always working for you. The best tactics for a law firm depend on an abundance of factors. This includes case types, target audience, geography, competitor landscapes and more. Our team specializes in collecting and analyzing demographic research, keeping up with new trends, and creating innovative ways to incorporate traditional media tactics to align marketing efforts with your law firm’s strategy.

Linear TV

From start to finish. Scripts, production, editing, commercial placements, vendor relationships, and more.

Local Radio

Promote your firm with an effective voice, sound design, and script.


Build brand awareness in your community and stay in front of your audience.


Target your audience through strategic print advertising.

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Why Traditional Media Matters

 Create sustainable, long-lasting brand awareness in your community
 Connect with a local audience on a personal level
 When used in conjunction with digital marketing, traditional media can spark online digital engagement
 Establish credibility and a personal connection with prospective clients

Our Process

Our traditional marketing approach includes a full background audit of your firm. This includes your brand, types of cases, case history, types of leads, local area, target audience demographics and psychographics, and available vendors. Once research and plans have been created, we will work hand in hand with you for production and content creation. Élan takes pride in our marketing craftsmanship and our ability to curate the perfect blend of traditional tactics to help you achieve your marketing goals.


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