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Production Services

It’s not enough to play the part, you need to look the part too. That look is achieved through video. Grab your audience’s attention through professionally-branded videos. Our full video production team produces powerful law firm videos, giving your audience a positive impression of your law firm and team. With our extensive experience in video production, we can help you gain traction in your practice area and strengthen client relationships, both new and old.

Our Production Services

Each of our video services are carefully crafted to accomplish your firm’s goals. Whether you need to connect to your audience on a personal level, present your law firm as a leader in your practice area, or more effectively reach your target audience, our array of video capabilities will drive your firm in the right direction.

Company Overview

Provide visitors with an introduction to your law firm by introducing lawyers, summarizing offered services, and previewing your office space. Other created videos can be added to this overview to act as a firm highlight piece.

Attorney Profiles

Potential clients will feel your firm is more approachable if lawyers and other team members are highlighted. Create a personable and relatable video that showcases your team by beginning with lead attorneys, followed by other employees that may interact with clients.

Practice Area Overview

Describing services offered at your practice is an excellent way to remove any concerns and share your proven effective processes. Focus on the problem a customer may be facing and how your service will resolve it.

Client Testimonials

Being transparent and sharing that other people have trusted you with their problem proves that you provide quality legal services. Compiling testimonials and putting together case studies show how your practice and lawyers are unique and capable.


Alleviate time spent answering questions and share answers to popular questions for visitors to review. This proves your law firm and lawyers are trusted resources and describes how your unique practice works.


Translating each video's audio into optimized text is beneficial for Google and other search engines. Creating multi-faceted content will help improve your marketing and website traffic results.

Interactive Content
Incorporating interactive marketing content on your website boosts engagement and forces user action. Videos will help increase your credibility within the legal market and separate you from your competition. 

Rest assured, you own the content produced by our professional videographers entirely. Other companies maintain ownership rights to all videos, but we give you rights instead of featuring our company. This provides you with the flexibility to access your video content at any time should you need the content for other marketing or presentations.

Professional videographers will shoot and edit your videos to ensure the video content is high quality and represents your law firm and lawyers effectively. The content will also be optimized for high visibility on video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and Google search engine results.

Mobile Focused
Videos and other content are always made mobile-friendly to reach target audiences no matter what device they’re on. Creating mobile-friendly video content is incredibly important in today’s legal market as it improves a user’s experience and helps your law firm be found. 

Our Approach

Determine Video Strategy

Brand Review
Storyboarding / Scripting
Goal & Platform Development
Budget Recommendations

Production Planning

Timeline Development
Shoot Research / Scouting Establish Talent
/ Character
Define Team / Equipment

Post Production

Review Production
Video Editing (VFX, SFX, etc.)
Final Video Review

Video Strategy Review

Goal & Platform Approval
Story / Script Approval
Budget Approval

Production Shoot

Production Setup
Onsite Filming
Voiceover Recording
Acquire B-Roll

Implementation & Analytics

Launch Video on Media Platforms
Monitor & Report Metrics
Optimize & Adjust

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