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How To Elevate Your Law Firm’s Social Media Presence: Paid vs Organic Content

The paid and organic social media content your law firm produces for your legal marketing strategy are key factors in increasing your firm’s reach and lead generation.

The Marketing Funnel for Law Firms

The marketing funnel describes a customer’s journey through the decision-making process. The marketing funnel we developed will help your law firm understand your target audience and suggests actions you should be taking to meet their needs. 

The Top Lawyer Advertising Rules You Need to Know in 2022

Lawyer advertising rules are crucial to understand when beginning the journey in marketing for your law firm. This blog post highlights some of the most important ones to take into know.

The Top 5 Legal Blogs & Publications Worth a Follow

The basis of this post is a list of legal blogs and publications that are informative and worth a read.

How To Effectively Deliver Class Action Email Notices

The basis of this post comes from a comprehensive study on class action notice delivery, focusing on the most effective way to display information to consumers via email.

DOs & DON’Ts of Law Firm Branding

Establishing a brand is imperative for developing a successful law firm. Learn about the array of visual markers within a brand that help communicate your purpose, values, and morals to the public.

Legal Notice After Cookies

Learn about Google’s decision to phase out 3rd-party cookies by 2022. Read our predictions on how this will impact digital marketing in the legal industry.

Crisis Media Management Guidebook

How can a legal business adapt to a crisis like COVID-19? Find out through this collection of tips, learnings, and considerations.

Modern Legal Notice: 7 Realities of Modern Legal Notice

Legal notification in class action litigation came of age over 20 years ago when newspapers and magazines provided exceptional access to Americans’ time and attention.

Choosing Creative: Matching the Right Ad to the Right Audience.

The Élan team takes a holistic approach to narrowing down and selecting the basic creative. The best method to truly strategize and maximize media dollars is to take a test and learn approach.