Who We Are

Élan Legal Media™ is a leading legal marketing agency providing marketing solutions for law firms, class action administrators, and litigation funds. The company is made up of nimble, innovative professionals that bring the most advanced advertising research and technologies to the legal space. From full-service law firm advertising to data-driven legal notification, Élan Legal Media has the capabilities to do it all.

Our Mission

To work collaboratively with our clients in creating an unrivaled legal marketing experience that accelerates their success.

Why Élan

We achieve our Mission through the use of research, analytics, testing, and premium creative. Our team utilizes industry-leading tools to gather data on our clients’ audiences. This allows us to precisely target potential customers more accurately and effectively, garnering higher conversion rates and more efficient budgets.


Analytics and testing are a heavy focus in each campaign we launch. These practices provide our team the opportunity to make data-based decisions so we can optimize our marketing efforts for each legal client.


On top of data-based decisions, our team emphasizes the necessity of quality creative and design. Every social media ad, billboard, landing page, and even Google search result is held to the highest quality standards of the legal marketing industry, if not setting the standard.

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Our Philosophy

A marketing agency should be an extension of a legal client. Whether it’s a nationally-recognized law firm or a leading class action administrator, Élan believes that every marketing proposal, campaign, and client communication should be executed as if it were our own. We work with our partners as if we were a part of their team. This grants every stakeholder clear direction, straightforward communication and transparent results.

Our Locations

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